amänō, Your phone's perfect mate
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Looking for quality, ergonomics, easiest to use and style? You found the right place. Amano by bullz-i.

In both Italian and Spanish, "a mano" means “at hand,” and at its essence, this is what amänō is all about. Our phones have become so versatile that we often keep them close at hand - if not right in hand. We talk, text, take photos, listen to music, play games, and manage much of our social and professional lives with a seemingly infinite number of apps and websites.  Yet our rectangularly-shaped phones are far from comfortable or easy to hold.  We designed amänō to change all that.

amänō is a premium ring-based attachment for your phone.  Made of polished aluminum, amänō is light, strong, and stylish.  It is comprised of a series of concentric rings, hence our company name, Bullz-i. The outer ring attaches to the back of your phone or case with a strong yet removable 3M adhesive.  The inner ring opens freely to 90 degrees, allowing you to insert your finger quickly and easily.  It rotates a full 360 degrees around the rim of the outer ring so you can effortlessly change the orientation of your phone, all while never having to remove your finger from amänō.

With amänō, you will find that you can now hold your phone in a way you've probably been searching for naturally all these years. amänō. Your phone's perfect mate.

Pics & Videos  |  FAQ  |  Specifications | Shop