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How does amänō stick to my phone or device?

amänō attaches to phones, tablets, and other devices with a 3M adhesive that performs as though it were permanent, yet allows for removal.  To attach, first prepare the surface by using the supplied isopropyl wipe pad to clean and remove any oils from the intended surface. Align the logo to your desired orientation. Peel the adhesive back from amänō using the pull tab and press it to the back of your device.

To remove, lift up and pull on the inner ring to create enough space to slide any type of plastic card – credit, gym, or other – between amänō and the device, and then work the card across the bottom. The adhesive on amänō can be removed by simply pulling the adhesive film, leaving minimal to no residue on your phone or device. In case there is any remaining residue, it is easy to remove by rubbing with your fingers or using a mild cleaner. We include an extra adhesive so you can re-attach as needed. See the Apply and Remove video in the Pics & Videos tab for a complete demonstration.

Will amänō stick directly to my phone?

Yes, amänō uses an adhesive that will stick to most surfaces, and is designed to stick best to a smooth, flat surface. On phones that use an extremely slick nanotech coating, such as the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 7 Glossy, amänō will still adhere to the back surface area, but may require a longer “curing” period of at least 24 hours, or closer to 3M’s suggested period of 72 hours to “fully cure.” Please see our Specifications tab for full details.

Can I put amänō on my case?

Yes, we recommend using a case with a hard, flat back so the adhesive has the surface area needed for a secure attachment. amänō will stick to most cases, even leather and fabrics. Some surfaces such as super slick silicone may be a problem. We use an adhesive meant to leave little to no residue behind when amänō is removed from the back of a phone or other device; however, residue may remain when removed from a case.  If you attach amänō to a case backed with soft materials, such as fabric or leather, please be aware that removing amänō may cause these to tear. If you choose to remove amänō from these surfaces, minimize the likelihood of a tear by following the removal directions in the Apply and Remove video in the Pics & Videos tab, carefully slicing the card between amänō and the case.

Where is the best spot to place amänō on my phone?

Most users find that amänō provides the most versatility and comfort when placed between the center and slightly-lower-than-center position of the back of the device. Placement will depend on your hand size and the size of the phone. The bigger your phone and the smaller your hand, the more likely you will find the slightly-lower-than-center position to be most comfortable. Your amänō should be positioned so you don’t have to strain your thumb downwards to text. Hold your phone as you normally would and note where your middle finger rests; this is often a great place to attach amänō.  Try placing amänō on the back of your device without removing the adhesive to test locations.

For use on tablets, amänō works best when placed in the middle of the device, allowing for optimal weight distribution and comfort.  Placement in this location also allows for the most versatility when using amänō as a stand in either portrait or landscape mode.

How do I clean my amänō? 

If you notice that dust has collected around the inside edge of the middle ring, use either a napkin, isopropyl wipe, or Q-tip to clean the area. The dust is a normal byproduct of aluminum rubbing on aluminum which, if it occurs, should subside after initial use.

Will amänō come in different colors?

Initially, we are offering amänō in polished silver, as we feel it is the most natural complement to everyone's phone. We will be offering a range of color options in the future. Here's a look at what's to come.

Will amänō come in different sizes?

Yes.  We realize that hand size and device size vary from person to person. With this in mind, we chose the size of amänō to allow for the most universal fit. It is important to note that, unlike a traditional ring, amänō is not meant to be worn tightly around the base of your finger. Rather, it should be loose enough to allow you to easily change the orientation of your device and your hand's relationship to it. After spending a little time with amänō, you will discover that the leverage and flexibility it provides allows for more comfortable, logical grips that just aren't possible with a naked phone.

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